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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Holland Township School
Mrs. O'Rourke
Grade 3

Third Grade at a Glance

The children have FINISHED ROUND 2 of PARCC testing!!!!  I am so proud of their effort and hard work. Thanks again to Mrs. Diem, Mrs. Panicaro, and Mr. Bertoldo for supplying all the goodies on Monday and Tuesday.  They really look forward to that reward, as well as the NO HOMEWORK and extra RECESS.  We follow the motto, "Work hard and play hard!" 

Today we had an ice cream party to wrap it all up and boy did that taste good!  They also all got bubbles because they "blew the test out of the PARCC"!!  OK...yes...I'm a bit punchy :)  

The children chose their endangered species today and got their first book from the library.   They will begin the gathering facts process tomorrow.  They are excited and anxious to get started.  All of the research will be done here at school.  Our plan is to present it in a power point presentation this year.  


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