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Saturday, April 18, 2015
Holland Township School
Mrs. O'Rourke
Grade 3

Third Grade at a Glance

The children are soaring through their multiplication facts!  I was right...Meredith was the first to master all the facts.  Way to go!  There are a few right behind and some that need a little nudge! Laughing  Keep practicing every night.

The second writing benchmark was administered and I am thrilled to report that all of the students showed remarkable growth.  They are incorporating the writing crafts they are learning into their own pieces.  I am so proud of them!

We began working through the logistics of taking the PARCC test on the ipads together.  We focused on the workings of the split screen and all the tabs and tools used to navigate through the test.  They were excited and engaged, and did a great job!

We began our studies of the Solar System and are learning new facts about the different planets each day.  The children will present a Solar System play in the next few weeks.  We look forward to having a great audience again!


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