• To finalize any new student registration, Holland Township School requires two proofs of residency.

    We require one document from each category below:

    Category A-
    • The most recent real estate tax bill for my residence showing me as the taxpayer
    • A signed lease or deed for my residence
    • A closing statement for the purchase of residence
    • A notarized affidavit from the owner of my residence and myself stating that I reside at the residence on a full-time basis. Affidavits are available in the school office

    Category B-
    • Driver's License or Non- driver Photo Identification Card from NJ Division of Motor Vehicles
    • Gas, electric or water bill dated within the past 3 months
    • Home/apartment insurance certificate
    • First class mail/letter from state or federal agency dated within the past 3 months
    • Bank statement dated within the past 60 days

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact the main office at 908-995-2401 Ext 6310, or nholz@hollandschool.org .

    Forms may be dropped off to the office or mailed with the attention to Nancy Holzworth.