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    This page last updated 9-5-2018

    NJ School Choice Info

    HTS District Profile 2020-2021

    The Holland Township School District is proud to be among New Jersey’s Choice School Districts.  The Interdistrict Public School Choice program provides students who reside in a school district other than Holland Township with the opportunity to apply to attend school in Holland Township at no cost to the student’s family.

    Situated along the Delaware River in western Hunterdon County Holland Township School District serves approximately 550 students in grades Pre-K to Eight.  Our small class size and differentiated learning activities enable us to focus on the strengths of each student and provide them with a challenging, comprehensive educational program.

    For the 2020-2021 School Year the Department of Education (DOE) has decided not to provide additional School Choice seats for schools.  Holland Township School District has 8 Choice seats and they are currently all filled.  We will still be accepting applications in the event a Choice seat becomes available or the state provides additional seats at a later date.

    Holland’s School Choice policy does provide a preference of enrollment for siblings of those who already attend our school.  Additionally, the DOE has indicated that they will provide Holland with additional School Choice seats in the event that a sibling of a current Choice student applies as a way to keep families together.

    HTS District Profile 2020-2021

    The application process for the 2020-2021 school year has begun and there are several steps and procedures you must follow if you are interested in having your child participate in the NJ Interdistrict School Choice program.  Below is the timeline and resources you will need to complete the application process:

    1. Submit a Notice of Intent to Participate to your resident district by December 3, 2019.  If your student is currently registered with his/her resident district, complete the Notice of Intent to Participate Form, submit it to your resident district by December 3, and obtain a signed receipt acknowledging that you submitted the form. Keep the receipt for your records. By law, a resident district must be informed if a student intends to participate in the choice program.
    2. You will receive written notification from your residence superintendent by December 3, 2019.
    3. Complete a Student Application and submit it to Mrs. Lina Delasey at Holland Township School by December 3, 2019.
    4. If there are more applicants than there are available seats a lottery will be held in mid December.
    5. Holland Township will provide a Conditional Acceptance, Rejection or Waiting List letter by December 21, 2019.
    6. Parent of Choice Student completes the Intent to Enroll form and submits it to Holland Township School by January 4, 2020.
    7. Holland Township Provides a final notification of enrollment to the parent of the Choice Student by January 16, 2020.

    When making your decision, please be aware that transportation may not be provided for your student. Depending on the circumstances, the resident district may provide aid in lieu of transportation. (Visit the NJ Department of Education’s transportation procedures for more information.)

    If you need additional information or assistance with the application process please contact Mrs. Lina Delasey at cdela@hollandschool.org or call 908-995-2401 ext: 6312.

    Also, additional information regarding the Interdistrict Public School Choice program can be accessed through the New Jersey Department of Education web page using the link below.