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    Kindergarten is ready to hop into Spring!!!



    This month, kindergarten will be very busy talking about safe shelters and various types of homes as we embark on becoming engineers for our Pig Project. The children are eagerly enjoying various variations of the The Three Little Pigs and comparing and contrasting this popular folk tale.




    Thank you to our parents who are volunteering as foremen for our project. We will have our first meeting April 2 to begin the journey.




    We will also be talking about Earth Day this month and ways we can help save our planet, Earth!!! Let's all pitch in on this worthy cause!!!





     Friendly reminder.....


     Thanks for helping us by having the children continue to dress warmly so they are prepared for recess. Also, sometimes the classrooms are chilly, a light sweatshirt or sweater that can be kept in the children's cubbies is helpful! :)