• Library Policies

    Circulation Policy

    Number of Items:

    • 1st - 3rd grade students are allowed to check out TWO items from the library.  One must be something to read. For example: you can check out  2 books OR 1 book and 1 magazine OR 1 book and 1 DVD OR 1 book and 1 audiobook set. You may NEVER check out 2 videos at one time.  If a 4th - 8th grade student shows responsible check out behavior, they will be allowed to check out 3 items.
    • 4th - 8th grade students are allowed to check out THREE items from the library.  One must be something to read.
    • Kindergartners are allowed to check out 1 item to read from September to December. In January, they are allowed to take out two items.
    • Pre-K students are allowed to check out 1 book to read. 

    Checkout Period:

    • Elementary school students must return checked out items within 1 week.
    • Middle school students may return checked out items within 2 weeks.
    • You may renew books 2 times unless someone else has requested it.
    • Magazines and videos must be returned within the checkout period and may NOT be renewed.

    Overdue or Lost Items

    • Please be considerate of other students and return items in a timely manner.
    • A student will not be allowed to check out new materials if they have overdue items.
    • Lost or damaged items must be paid for or, preferably, replaced with a like item.
    • Refunds are not possible if an item is found after it has been paid for.  Please be sure to look thoroughly before paying.  

    Borrowing from the Hunterdon County Library

    As Hunterdon County residents, students are able to request books from the public library and have them delivered to Holland Township School.  Simply visit Hunterdon County Library website.  Search for an item.  Check that it is available from the Flemington Branch.  Email Mrs. Detrick (cdetr@hollandschool.org) or stop in and ask her to request the book.  Items are delivered to school on Mondays.  

    Young Adult Materials

    The middle school library has materials that are labeled Young Adult. These mateirlas are intended for mature readers age 12 – 18. YA is a broad category, which may cover the exploration of problems and concerns of teenagers (e.g. drugs, relationships, etc.), portrayals of realistic violence, mature humor, as well as horror fiction.  Young Adult works often discuss topics that are controversial in nature. They can be powerful learning and coping tools, but may be inappropriate for certain students. Seventh and eighth graders have permission to check out young adult items.  Please email Mrs. Detrick at cdetr@hollandschool.org if your child is in a younger grade and you would like your child to be able to check these materials out.