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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Child Study Team
Dr. Elizabeth (Marcy) Calamito - Learning Disability Teacher Consultant
Kathryn Wilk - Certified School Psychologist
Hally Tomasheski - School Social Worker
Arlene Gondyke - CST Secretary - ext. 331 - M-F - ext. 340 - M-F - ext. 230 - T, Th, F(pm) - ext. 318 - M-F


Meet The Child Study Team

The Child Study Team (CST) is composed of the School Social Worker, School Psychologist, the Learning Disability Teacher Consultant and the Speech and LanguageTherapist – when appropriate. The CST is responsible for assuring that all students with disabilities between the ages of three and 21, are provided with a free appropriate education according to N.J. A.C. 6A:14-1.1. Weekly meetings occur to share concerns and to facilitate ideas that would support the academic, social and emotional needs of classified students. The team includes the student in the IEP meetings beginning in 7th grade so that they are aware of the process involved during a meeting and then may become more of a self-advocate for their needs as they enter the high school years. The CST staff welcomes parental input and support. We are available to answer any questions and address your concerns. An e-mail address and phone extension for each CST member is listed at the top of this website.

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Elizabeth (Marcy) Calamito, Ed.D.

As the Learning Disability Teacher Consultant (LDTC), I review the student’s educational history, confer with classroom teachers, perform classroom observations and evaluate and analyze academic performance and learning characteristics of the students. My role is to determine the student’s academic levels of functioning, areas of strengths and weaknesses, learning style and educational needs. Once these functions are completed, I provide strategies and modifications to the student’s program to allow them to be successful in the classroom.

Along with this role, I act as case manager for students receiving special education services and help to create and monitor the contents of the IEP's, coordinate the Alternate Proficiency Assessment (APA), and partake as a member of the Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Committee.  

Kathryn Wilk, MA

The School Psychologist position entails a variety of responsibilities.  One responsibility of this position is to serve as a case manager for students who are receiving special education services. As case manager, I coordinate the evaluation process, develop IEP’s, and monitor the effectiveness of the IEP. 

I also act as a liaison between home and school, facilitating communication between parents and teachers.  In addition, I coordinate the annual review and reevaluation process. 

Another role of the School Psychologist’s position is to confer with the student’s teachers and assess the student’s current cognitive (thinking and learning), social, adaptive, and emotional status.  The activities involved in the evaluation vary at times from student to student but, in general, most children are given an intelligence test to determine a child’s likelihood for success within the academic setting.  For certain students, I provide school counseling, crises intervention, or consultation services.  

Hally Tomasheski, LCSW

As a member of the Child Study Team, one of my key functions, in addition to case management, is to provide a complete social assessment of the child and family unit. This information provides a vital link between our student’s home and school life, which is connected to academic performance and overall social and emotional well-being.  

Behavior Intervention Plans/Contracts also fall within the scope of a social worker’s training.  A behavior plan can be formulated to reduce or eliminate that specific behavior. I am also trained in individual counseling, social skills groups, or topic-based short-term group counseling.  Resources are also available for outside referrals if the needs of the student or family fall outside the scope of the school.


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