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Monday, April 22, 2019
Holland Township School
HTS Media Centers
'I cannot live without books.' - Thomas Jefferson
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Holland Township School Databases

Our school has free access to EBSCO databases through the NJ State Library.  These databases provide access to valuable resources for high quality research.  Using databases can be challenging when we are accustomed to simple web searching, however databases are used heavily in high school and college and it's a good idea to practice now.  EBSCO provides access to a support center and we are  glad to help too.

Click on the link above or in the table below for access.  You will be prompted to enter a username and password:

Hunterdon County Library Databases

As Hunterdon County residents, you have free access to an amazing collection of databases.  The public library's databases are organized by age group.  At the top of their homepage you will see "Kids," "Teens," and "Adults."  If you scroll over each of these words you will see "Databases" in the dropdown menu.  If you click on "Adults" you will find the complete list of 50+ databases offered.  The "Kids" and "Teens" lists are paired down to age appropriate choices, though several great ones are left off, so I recommend checking out the "Adult" list.  Some of my favorites are:

In order to access these databases, you will need to click on the "House" on the right hand side of the page.  You will then be prompted to enter a barcode.  You can either enter the barcode on the back of your library card or you can use the generic code they created for students: 0834123456. 

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