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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Holland Township School
HTS Media Centers
'I cannot live without books.' - Thomas Jefferson
Christine Detrick -
Joyce Criss -
908.995.2401 ext. 6140 (MC1) and 6215 (MC2)

Elementary Reads

     There are so many great books awaiting elementary school students.  In the table below, you'll find links to some of the best children's authors.  Have fun exploring!

Picture Books
Chapter Books

Nonfiction Books


Be sure to take advantage of our district's subscription to Bookflix.  This amazing resource provides access to over 80 pairs of fiction and nonfiction books.  Some of the books have been converted into animated films.  Others are presented as an online book whose pages you can actually turn. Read independently or be read to by a narrator. 

  1. Go to:  Bookflix
  2. Enter Username:  hollandtes
  3. Enter Password:  bookflix
  4. Enjoy hours of entertainment: including games, puzzles, quizzes, and weblinks.

Contact Mrs. Detrick or Mrs. Criss with any questions.

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