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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Fun Free Websites

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2017
Click on the link to access what the American Association of School Librarians has chosen as the best websites for teaching and learning of 2017.  You'll find a resource that allows you to record a narration over a set of slides (Screen-cast-o-matic), another that you can search for clips from TV shows (ClassHook), a citation maker alternative (CiteThisForMe), and another that offers access to millions of images that are free of copyright restrictions (Pixabay)  to name a few. 


Design Squad Nation
The Design Squad Nation website complements the PBS Kids television show "Design Squad," in which teenagers compete to create the most novel solutions to engineering challenges. The competitive aspect of activities, along with video demonstration of the brainstorming and prototyping that go into design, make the website a great learning tool for kids. Read full review.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded iCivics to reverse a decline in civic knowledge and help kids better understand and respect the U.S. government. Sixteen games cover core topics like citizenship, rights, the court system, governance, freedom of speech, and constitutional law. You can sort by topic or time needed for gameplay.  Read full review.

Oh Noah!
Oh Noah! is a PBS-based website that offers students a multi-pronged approach to learning Spanish vocab. With its funny, story-based interface, kids are encouraged to take an easygoing, just-try-it approach to learning languages. Students who are learning Spanish, as well as Spanish speakers who are learning English (perfect for a multilingual classroom), could benefit. Read full review.

In Codecademy, older kids and teens write computer code. They set their own pace through lessons on every major modern programming language, including PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML, and CSS.  Read full review.

NRICH is a website featuring activities to challenge and engage kids with math problems, games, and projects set in relevant contexts. The site is divided into four student homepages representing the "5 Key Stages," or grade bands within the British education system, and corresponding U.S. K-12 grade level info is available. Read full review.

StoryJumper lets kids create and publish their own illustrated stories. Whether kids are beginning writers or seasoned pros, StoryJumper provides an outlet for them to use their imaginations as well as learn some real writing strategy if they're ready for it.  Read full review.

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