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Sunday, May 19, 2019
Holland Township School
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'I cannot live without books.' - Thomas Jefferson
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Igniting a Passion for Reading

Get your students excited about reading by trying some of these simple methods discussed in Igniting a Passion for Reading by Steven L. Layne.

Interest Inventories
Start the year by giving your students an interest inventory.  It can be a list of choices where they check off what they like or a series of questions to give written answers.  Find out what your students like to do and you'll learn what they would like to read about.

Goal Setting
Ask your students to set reading goals to accomplish each marking period.  First, brainstorm goals as a class and then let students select something THEY want to achieve.  Set your own goal too.  Students will love checking on your progress towards your goal, too. 

Book Chats
Set a time each week when you introduce books to your students you think they'd like to read.  Have your students perform book chats too.  A peer is a great place to go to get ideas of things to read.

Someday Book List
When you (or your students) do a book chat, ask you students to take out their "Someday Book List." They can record titles and perhaps brief notes to remind themselves about the book when they need something to read or are going to the library. 

It's important to continue reading aloud to children no matter what their age.  It may be the only time some of our disengaged readers actually "read" a book.  If your students hear you read a great book it will encourage them to pick one up on their own.

The Teacher's Hot Read
Display in your room the book you are currently reading that is at their reading level.  By continuing to read titles at your students level you'll be more able to make recommendations.  Kids will be lining up to ask to borrow your "Hot Read"  when you're done.

Reading Logs
Ask your students to keep a log of what their reading.  Don't make it for a grade...just a way to keep tabs on the amount of time they spend reading.  Keep your own reading log and make it available for kids to see.  Make it a simple log, asking for the title, author, illustrator, genre, and a simple rating system. 

The Reading Lounge
If there's space in your classroom, create an area where kids can get cozy and snuggle up with a good book. Find some comfy chairs or beanbags.  Be sure to restrict this area to "reading only."

Golden Recommendation Shelf
Find a small shelf and spray paint it gold (or whatever eye catching color your prefer). Position the shelf in a prominent location in your room and display titles you would like your students to read.

First Read Club
Create a special club who members are invited to the library to preview new books.  They have the first opportunity to check out of the new books before they're made available to the whole school.  After reading the book, students check in with the librarian or teacher, not to prove that they read the book but to hear what they thought about it.  Afterwards, a sticker can be placed in the book that says, "This book was first read by..."

Book Clubs
Invite students to join a book club where they can choose the books read.  Get together for lunch to discuss the books, once a month or as often as interested. 



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