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Monday, February 19, 2018
Holland Township School
Mrs. Gerth
Preschool- Integrated

Note from the Teacher

Spotlight on You:

Leo, Draven


Theme: Pets






     Our areas of work are created around the theme of Pets.  We are taking care of pets in the Home Area, pretending to be veterinarians in the Science Area, selling items at the Pet Store in the Toy Area.  We have pet shelter and an obstacle course!! We have been planning our work time by drawing a picture of what we plan on doing when we work.



We continue to use the white boards to help reinforce writing our letter of the week and shapes. 

We build a daily calendar and have been counting to the number of the day using heart beats.  


   We are learning a February song while pretending to play a violin and learning a new fingerplay, "Little Puppies".









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