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Saturday, February 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Ms. Victoria Glanville
6th Grade Science
908-995-2401 ex. 134

Biodiversity Poster

The Biodiversity  Project

1. Students will choose a species to research by exploring the "Spectrum of Life" Cladogram on the American Museum of Natural History website.



2. Students will use reference materials (internet, books) to research their species.



3. Students will research climate change and use information they obtained from the "Climate Change" exhibit to find out how it will affect their species.




 4. Create a poster that describes the following information:


1. Species Name(species common name & scientific name)

2. Where it is found (continents)

3. Habitat (include biome & climate information, niche, diet (prey))

4. Natural predators

5. Evolutionary path (shared common ancestors- look at cladogram)

6. Effects climate change may have on the species (be specific)

7. List effects of other environmental problems (besides climate change)


The Poster should have both writing and pictures!









Species Research

Very vague description of animal. Does not fully develop any aspects of required research.

Somewhat vague. Fully develops 1-2 of the required elements.

Fully develops almost all required elements, but still vague in 1 or 2 areas.

Fully develops all required elements.


Effects of Climate Change on Species

Makes no connection between climate change a chosen species.

Makes connections between climate change and species, but no conclusions are present.

Presents information on climate change, then makes connections to the species researched.

Draws detailed conclusions of climate change of the species development, reproduction, niche, and eating habits.



Does not adequately present information about the species researched. Presentation is messy.

Poster shows some information & pictures about the species research. Also addresses some climate change issues. Presentation is adequate.

Poster shows information & pictures about the species research. It also discussed the effects of climate change. Presentation is messy.

Poster shows information & pictures about the species research. It also discussed the effects of climate change. Overall neat presentation


Grammar & Spelling

Poor grammar and spelling. Not proofread.

Some grammar and spelling mistakes.

Very few grammar and spelling mistakes.

Demonstrated use of grammar and spelling rules.






Total Score:


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