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Friday, February 15, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Vocke
First Grade Teachers



Our Homework Schedule

This is the schedule we will generally try to follow.  

Monday - Poetry

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Reading

Thursday - Phonics/Spelling 



Ideas to practice sight words at home:

Use Plastic Letters - Have your child put the letters on a cookie sheet or refrigerator to make the word, then read it.  Later, encouage him/her to make the word, read the word, cover the word, write the word, check the word, read the word.  (Children may peek at the word if necessary while they are learning to write it correctly.)

 Use a Dry Erase Board - Write the word over and over until it is learned, erasing each time.  This is a writing task, not a copying task.  If your child is using paper and pencil, fold the paper over each time or use another paper or card to cover the previous word.  If your child needs a model to start with, provide it.  Then cover it and allow him/her to peek if necessary.  Then remove it altogether.  Encourage your child to make sure the words are in his/her head.

 Highlight - Have your child go through a poem, worksheet, math homework, or decodable book and highlight the sight words.

Memory Game - Make another set of the cards so you have two sets.  Place the cards upside down and take turns turning over two cards to make matches.  As you turn the cards over, read the words.  If it is a match, keep them and take another turn.

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