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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Holland Township School
Janet Huber
5th Grade Language Arts
908-995-2401 ext. 446

12 Book Challenge

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

The fifth-grade classes will be participating in a 12 Book Challenge! I am challenging your fifth grader to read 12 books by the end of the school year. I know they can do it!

The goal of the 12 Book Challenge is to get students to leave their reading comfort zones and explore new reading genres. Ultimately, I would love to see my students’ love of reading flourish, as well as for students to make big academic gains in reading.

The students will be responsible for keeping track of the books read on the Reading Log sheet.  We also need your help.  Please make sure your child is reading each evening.  You can help by; taking part in your child’s book selections, read with them at times, and always ask questions about the books.  


The Rules:

*Each book must be read by your fifth grader.  No picture books will count toward their goal.   Books they read in class or are read by a teacher count in their book totals. Students may not read books that they have already read in the past.

*For each book read, the students must write it down in their reading logs,  complete an AR test and log the score. You must score a 70% or higher in order for the book to count for the book challenge.   If there is not a test available, you may fill in a plot map.   

*Books must be a minimum of 70 pages.  Books that are over 225 pages count as two books.   Books that are over 400 pages count as three books.  Books that are over 600+ pages count as four books.


The purpose of this challenge is to get your fifth-grader reading books, perhaps even ones they might not normally choose, as well as to increase their love of reading.  Thank you for your support at home!


Mrs. Huber


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