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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Iobst
8th Grade Science
Laboratory 45 (Eighth Grade Science Lab)
995-2401 Extension 145


Welcome to 8th Grade Science!  This year we will be concentrating our studies on both Earth Science and Physical Science. 

Interactive Science from Pearson is our new textbook series which will enable students to interact with and connect in ways that make science personal and relevant.  Images and text throughout our lessons allow students to build backgorund knowledge and understanding.  Students will be able to rerinforce their understanding through online assignments practice activities. Our goal is to have students access online learning on or before the end of the first marking period.

Since students are naturally inquisitive, hands on experiences are an important and interesting way to learn. Therefore, labs are encouraged; yet, safety comes first.  Students will find lab investigations and projects are most rewarding when they are prepared, use caution, and practice safe techiques.

I use a point system for determining grades.  Each assignment (homework, project, lab investigation, quiz,or test) are allocated a point value. A designed rubric is used to for projects and labs. The total actual number of points account for the student's grade.  Both students and parents are encouraged to review grades on Power School.

Students acheive success more readily when the student, parent, and teacher work together.


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