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Sunday, January 20, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Iobst
8th Grade Science
Laboratory 45 (Eighth Grade Science Lab)
995-2401 Extension 145

Course Summary

This course is an inquiry-based, integrated program that develops students’ scientific literacy concepts and the use of 21 century skills in conjunction with the NJ Core Curriculum Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  There is an emphasis on hands-on-activities and discovery.  Students will engage in laboratory and authentic learning experiences that encourage scientific thinking, working in cooperative groupings, as well as being responsible for their individual assignments.  The focus areas are both physical science and geology. Students will examine rocks and minerals, earth’s water, atoms and elements, periodic table, chemical changes, and the transformation of energy.  Students will enhance their learning by the use technology, glass ware and the Bunsen burner in investigations. Students will expand their horizons through various experiences such as a taking part on the local geology trip, participating on a river quality study, creating an info-commercial, and by raising shad fry and releasing them in the Musconetcong River. 

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