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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Holland Township School
All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten

Skills we are working on:


 We continue to work hard in Kindergarten!


Our classrooms are a safe, supportive and welcoming environment. It provides the children with a variety of opportunities to try out new ideas and be challenged with new experiences that engage readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians and artists. As teachers, we work to help the children to be empowered, to feel valued, to be listened to, to be competent and successful in school. Thanks for your help at home as we continue to work together for the children!


 What We Are Working On..


 "A person's a person, no matter how small."

by Doctor Seuss


The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Regan

Mrs. Carr

Mrs. Deckert


You can access the Digital Backpack at
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