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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Mandato


Monday, March 2


Students are expected to read independently at home a minimum of 90 minutes each week.  A reading log will be sent home each Friday for students to record what and how much was read each week.  Logs are due the following Friday.

Some students brought home reading tests that must be signed and returned.


Homework packets are sent home on Monday and due back Friday.  Spelling Tests are given on Friday and sent home to be signed by a parent.  Misspelled words are to be written 5 times each and are due back on Monday..

Students can practice spelling words at Spelling City. (See Links)


10.5 is for homework. Students should be checking their long division by using multiplication as the inverse! Below are pictures of our white board during class to help students remember how we worked through solving the problem.

Students should practice basic multiplication facts to mastery of 3 seconds per fact. Knowledge of these facts is important for success in math class, especially now that we are learning long division.

Students can go to,, and IXL to practice math concepts at home. (See Links) 



Social Studies:Some students will be bringing home a test to have signed and returned tomorrow.



Several students have overdue assignments from earlier in the week. Be sure students have ShortcuttoIMG_6597.lnksubmitted their family tree, report card envelope, and any other missing work.



above: Read Across America day--Reading "The Lorax" on the Smartboard before completing a "What I would say to the Onceler" Sustainability worksheet.

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