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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Holland Township School
Blender Bobs
John, John, Brendan, and Tommy

Blender Bob Bios

Tombert bob- arrested for throwing smoothies at a cop car, no regrets, people call me Tombert, must I say more. Bass player.

Favorite Smoothie- Banana, strawberry, choclate protein, nutella, milk smoothie.

Favorite milkshake- shamrock shake 


McDs Bob- I have personally consumed 1987 milkshakes, I play the guitar, and I got the idea to play the guitar from the jedi Yoda

Favorite Smoothie- This is classified information

Favorite Milkshake- Vanilla


Frosted Flakes Bob- I play the drums for our band. I once dropped a smoothie off the top of the empire state building, it was never seen again. 

Favorite smoothie - Banana, Strawberry, coconut, and rasberry. 

Favorite milkshake - Mint chocolate 


John Bob- I play the guitar and I have 15 squirrels that I use for encouragement. 

Favorite Smoothie- Pina Colada (with no alcohol)

Favorite Milkshake- Shamrock Shake







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