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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School


So we were just four friends who chose band elective. We chose intstruments and decided to become a band.


Wait, wait, no....THIS is what really happened...


     I was in my condo, and as I took a sip of apple juice, it hit me! I need to play in a band. I have no experience whatsoever, so I must meet some strangers who make music. I was walking in the streets of San Francisco, eating a hoagie. Then I saw this dashing young woman named Maggie, backstage with Mark Hoppus. Then, at a Stevie Wonder concert, I saw a young girl named Joe, in a feminist t-shirt, who had strange boyish features for a 9 year old girl. As I was wandering the streets with my new homies, not to be confused with my hoagie, we saw someone named Chloe walking around on her hands, and decided she would be a useful addition to our band. We toured the backlands of TIbet with the Dalhi Llama, who was a big fan of funk and John Frusciante, Maggie's distant cousin. When we arrived back at my condo, I poured everyone a glass of apple juice, and we toasted to our new band, Cranberry Jam.


-Andrea, guitar



















































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