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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
1 Minute of Rain, 2 Minutes of Blood

You Dun Goofed: The Band

LEAD VOCALS: Dan "Daniel The Manuel"

DRUMS: Nick "Crippy Nicky"

BASS: Jason "Eggplant"

GUITAR: Maximus "$CashMoneyz$"

GUITAR: Logan "Log"

Daniel The Manuel: Born and raised in Detroit, can almost perfect the raspy british voice.

Crippy: Is crippled

Eggplant: A little Jimi Hendrics, played bass since he was in the womb. He has the power of the mighty lord, Flying Spegti Monster.

$CashMoney$: Gets all the ladies, period. Is Kerry King and Kirk Hammett combined.

Log: Better than Dave Mustain





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