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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Holland Township School
Relatively Better
Ava, Rebecca, and Hunter


We created our band at a special place..... A Twenty One Pilots concert! Becky was in the front row and was screaming her heart out! " AND NOW WE'RE STRESSED OUT." Becky sang as a girl named Ava came up to her and they started talking. Immediately, they started debating over the best types of music. Becky believed that alternative rock music and musical theatre songs were the best but Ava believed that pop music was the best. The duo argued the rest of the concert. When the concert was done. Becky was going backstage to meet the band ( she had passes ) but Ava continued to argue with her. After Becky met Twenty One Pilots ( one fangirling later ) she went to a pizza place with Ava where they argued even more. Than Hunter came over, told them to shut up and started drumming on the table with a fork and knive. AFter that, Becky exclaimed " You're a dummer?! I'm a musician too!! We should all form a band!" Than, Relatively Better was formed.


34 days after they started their band, Relatively Better was performing at a Starbucks. During their performance, a girl drinking a unicorn frappucchino came up to them and asked " Does your band need a singer? I'm Emma and I love to sing!" Ava whispered to Becky " We don't really need a singer do we?" Becky whispered back, " A singer can help us make more money!" So than, Emma joined and Relatively Better became relatively better!



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