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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Nush

What are we doing in Class?

Welcome Back!!! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL summer break!

For the month of September we will focus on beginning of the year projects as well as getting into our fitness training/testing. We will eventually get into our soccer unit toward the end of the month and continue into the month of October.

I hope everyone has a great beginning of the school year!! I look forward to teaching all of your students!!




Ways you can help your child improve muscular strength and endurance:

Encourage climbing, go to the park/playground, monkey bars, swinging, taking walks, jump roping, play tag, have a race, build an obstacle course and time how quickly your child can run through it, time your child running around the outside of your house, jumping on the trampoline, sign up for a 5k as a family, etc... ECOURAGE! ENCOURAGE! ECOURAGE!

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