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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Nush


The 8th grade will be required to learn and perform the Thriller dance as part of our modern dance unit. They will learn the dance throughout the month of October and will perform the dance for students and parents in the middle school gym. All parents are invited and encouraged to watch the event. The students will be dressing up like zombies for this event, so I encourage you to take some time and enjoy helping your child create a "zombie" like costume. Some suggestions I gave to the students were to get some old pants/shorts a red shirt and a white shirt and make them dirty. The red shirt is to wear under the white shirt. If you cut slits in the white shirt, the red shirt will look like blood underneath. Face paint will be provided and students will have the opportunity to work with each other in creating a zombie like appearance before the show. We can't wait to perform for you and hope you will enjoy our show!!


Thriller was a HUGE success this year!! The students were AWESOME as usual!!! GREAT JOB 7th grade!! Please see the link for the video on the home page!!

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