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Monday, June 17, 2019
Holland Township School
Señora Orellana
Maestra de Español

8th grade class

Practice for ser and estar




Practice of Ser: serpractice.docx



8th grade practica de topicos scale




print when it's done




Listening activity for the student phrases

Use the packet of the student phrases

Listen to the student phrases activity 1 and 2

Write the Spanish phrase and the English translation in a piece of paper.





Write the English translations of the following instructions. Use pencil.


Test part 1



Test part 2





Sample Tests to practice.

It is very important that you try yourself first before checking the answers so you have a better idea how well prepared you are for the test. Use the packet of the objects of the classroom (65 words, they are on my website) and the instruction chart(the plural form)


IV. Test Sample 4. 6 long instructions.


Check your answers for Test Sample 4.





III. Test Sample 3. 60 words. Fill out the chart, say or write the translations.


Check your answers:





II- Test Sample 2- las instrucciones. Simple 20 intsructions - 




Check your answers





   I- Test Sample 1 - las instrucciones 


Check your answers:



H- Review practice of the objects of the classroom vocabulary



G- Classroom vocabulary



F- Don Quijote Project




E- To practice noun gender and definite and indefinite articles.



D- Study for the oral assigment



C- Here is the example project for the conversation.



B- Practice the interrogatives for the quiz




A- Spanish numbers practice: Open each link in order and play all games.




Mss. Orellana

Spanish Class.


Unit 1- Spanish Heritage and countries

I.1- Hispanic Heritage Month. September 15thto October 15th.  

Students will be able to learn about the Hispanic Heritage Month and will revise facts about some Famous Spanish people who have contributed to the world in a positive way.


I.2. Spanish Countries Map.

Students will be able to identify the names of the Spanish Speaking Country and their location in the map.  


I.3 Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals.

Students will be able to memorize and identify the name of the capitals of the Spanish Speaking Countries.


Unit 2- Basic Review


II.1. Numbers: Students will review pronunciation and spelling of the numbers from 1 to 100 learned last year.

II.2. Students will review pronunciation and spelling of the colors in Spanish including shades and the use of the color as an adjective with a noun.  

III.3 Students will review days of the week and months in Spanish in able to express date and some other expressions related with the topic.


Unit 3. Introduction of a Conversation


III.1 Students will review all greetings and farewells and basic questions related to basic introductions. Students will use all expression asking and answering in a basic conversation setting.


Test B

IVListening activity  1- Test B 20 words


V. Listening activity 2. Instructions


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