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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Ozgar
8th Grade Social Studies
(908) 995-2401 x157

How To

What is a storyboard?

Storyboards explained

Annotate Text

Rules to annotate and sample text

Simplified way to annotate

How to annotate video


Thesis Statement

Guide to writing a basic essay

Writing the Thesis Statement


How to Outline

Writer's Web: Creating Outlines

Basic Outline Format

How to Outline your textook - Prezi and video


Effective Internet Search links

How to be a Smart Searcher

How to use Google -Basic Search Help

20 of the Best Search Engines for Students

Learning to Research the Web - ipl2

Bing User Guide


Interactive Notebook


Insert a hyperlink in a word document

Insert a hyperlink in Easy Office 2013

Basic Computer Skills


Citing Sources

Sample Works Cited page

Source Card Example

Owl Purdue Citation Help

How to Cite Sources - Brain Pop

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How to Cite Evidence from text in your own words - Podcast

Strategies for answering open ended questions - Slide Share


Blogging Help

What is a blog video

What is a blog

Getting Started

8th Grade Social Studies Blog

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