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Saturday, March 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Plasson
K-8 Physical Education Teacher/ Health Education
ext. 6182

Batting and striking



Please follow the unit outline below to learn more about what is being covered in the Batting Unit.

Skills to be Covered

Throwing: Being able to throw a ball accurately with an overhand motion.

Fielding: Being able to catch or knock-down a ball that is rolled or bounced on the ground.

Catching: Being able to catch with one hand or both hands extended away from the body.

Hitting: Being able to hit a ball with a bat that is either on a cone (not moving) or a ball that is pitched.

Striking: Being able to hit a ball or an object with the hand or other manipulative (racket, paddle etc).

Verbal Cues for Unit 

Throwing: Ball in "good" hand, body turned sideways, T with both arms (pointing at target), bend throwing elbow, step with opposite leg, turn hips, and throw. T-Bend-Step-Turn-And Throw.

Fielding: Knees are bent, hands are extended out in front of the body and low to the ground, student moves their body to keep the ball in the middle of their body, student stays on their feet and does not go to the ground, student catches the ball with hands only (not trap the ball against the body).

Catching: Hands extended out in front of body, palms facing up, bring object close into body to catch or catch only with hands. If object is above the waist, turn hands so thumbs are facing the ground; if object is below the waist keep palms facing up.

Hitting: Student makes a T with their arms with the bat in their non-dominant hand (the bat should be pointing at their hitting target), legs are shoulder width apart, hands are together on the bat with the dominant hand on top, arms and bat are moved far away from the body("chicken wing"), student takes a step with their front leg before they swing, students uses their hips to "squash the bug", student makes contact with the ball and follows through with their arms and legs.

Striking (with racket): Racket is in dominant hand, knees are bent, striking hand goes straight back and finishes straight forward with a follow through at the target.





Activities During Class


Bonkerball: This is a small team game that involves a fielding team and a hitting team. A hitter places the ball on a cone and hits it when ready. The hitter then runs back and forth between the cones as many times as they can scoring a run for each cone they touch. The fielding team catches the ball and then passes it to their teammates until everyone has caught the ball. The last fielder runs and places the ball back on the cone to stop the runner. After all players have hit they switch sides

Modified Softball/Baseball: Students will play a variety of modified baseball games that work on fielding, base running, baseball rules, teamwork, and hitting.

Kickball: When the weather is good students will go outside and play the classic game of kickball.

Paddle ball- use yarn balls and balloons with partner and self expolration.

Hitting off tee with friends and station work.

Many more throwing and hitting games!!!!!

How to Reinforce at Home

Make a small investment and buy a cheap plastic bat and ball set . Work on tossing the ball to your child and working on their hitting skills (use the cues above to help you out). You can also enroll your child in a youth  baseball/softball  league. Baseball /Softball is a great sport to get involved in and can have a great impact on your child.Go to a Deval softball/baseball game to learn rules and cheer them on.

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