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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Plasson
K-8 Physical Education Teacher/ Health Education
ext. 6182

Physical Activity Pyramid




There are many wonderful ways to be physically active every day.  By doing a variety of moderate intensity exercises such as jogging, walking or riding your bike you will find it easy to incorporate physical activity into your daily life! 


If you rarely do physical activity:

·        Walk whenever you can.

·        Make physical activity a part of your leisure time.

·        Set realistic goals and work your way up into the middle of the pyramid.


If you do physical activity sometimes:

·        Begin with activities at the base of the pyramid.

·        Walk when you can.

·        Make physical activity a larger part of your life.

·        Set goals to always improve your physical activity.


If you do physical activity often:

·        Choose a mix of aerobic, flexibility and strengthening exercises.

·        Mix up your routine to keep it fun.

·        Try new physical activities.

·        Challenge yourself with new goals.






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