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Saturday, March 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Plasson
K-8 Physical Education Teacher/ Health Education
ext. 6182

Hula Hoops


The following  is an overview of the hula hoop unit. 



The use of hoops adds variety and excitement to physical education classes.

They help develop spatial relationships and form perception in addition to assuring some form of achievement and success.

Emphasis will be placed on the basic skills.


Fundamental Skills covered


 Rolling , Spinning . Rotating . Throwing . Catching . Sliding . Jumping .locomotor - hula hooping



Obstacle Course

Contests-How many  diffrent body parts can you spin a hula hoop?.etc

Teams/Groups-life saver,alligator tag,frogs crossing ,etc

and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Partners/ Individual challenges-

1. Rolling hoops

2. Balancing body and hoops

3. spinning hoops-

4. locomotor skills adventures.

and many more!!!!




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