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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Holland Township School
Mr. Plasson
K-8 Physical Education Teacher/ Health Education
ext. 6182

Health Education 5 - 8


Health Education

                                       Units of instruction




Accident and Fire Prevention

Character Education

Communicable and non communicable  Diseases

Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs

Human Relationships/Family Living


                              Mr.Plasson's Health Class 


 1) All students will come to class prepared with a notebook, pencil, and occasionally Chromebooks will be used.

2) All students are to treat their fellow classmates and instructor with respect and should expect to be treated with respect at all times.

3) All students are expected to contribute to class discussions and be enthusiastic about learning, along with assisting/supporting their classmates.

4) All students can expect the majority of material and assignments to be covered during class time. Homework will be kept to a minimum so long as material/discussion/activities are completed during class.


 Health class is 25% of your Health & Physical Education grade.


                                       Grading Policy


Effort 25% (participation, enthusiasm, completion of assignments)

Conduct 25% (behavior toward instructor)

Cooperation 25% (behavior toward peers)

Assignments/Quizzes 25% (all work/homework completed)


                     Score of 1 to 4 in each subcategory

1- Unsatisfactory, 2- Needs Improvement, 3- Satisfactory, 4- Outstanding



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