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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Plasson
K-8 Physical Education Teacher/ Health Education
ext. 6182

Mr.Plasson's Physical Education News vol.2


Whats happening in physical education?

 The first marking period has ended and all the classes  have been very busy learning about class rules,procedures, safety  and having lots of fun!!!!!Cool

Kindergarten has been working very hard on their loco motor skills,soccer skills, playground rules,catching and throwing  skills.  While discovering how to move in space and learning how to exercise. They have learned many new tag games as well. Ask them to show you how they skip,gallop,hop, and jump .

First grade and second grade  finished their loco motor skill  tests and  practiced  their kicking and throwing  . They played many tag games  and  worked on their soccer skills. They learned about team work . They also  worked on playground rules and fitness as well.  Ask them, What is their favorite tag game?

All  k-4 classes enjoyed playing many  Halloween games including Ghost Busters tag and graveyard crossing and many more .Worked on soccer skills and stations activities.  All students are doing a great job!!

Third grade played sideline /goal line  soccer,Halloween games,fitness, and enjoyed the playground and stations.

5-8 Grades Played soccer,Halloween games,Fitness  and enjoyed the great weather outside doing stations. They learned the rules and game play of GAGA ball.

Great job 8th grade on THRILLER dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






                                  Health Education Happenings

5th - 8th grade


                                    Great JOB by All  !!!!









                          Sneaker and Changing 


                              Please check my web page for gym days.
















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