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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Holland Township School
Mr. Schedlbauer
Health & Physical Education/Athletic Director

K-8 Physical Education

Welcome to Mr. Schedlbauer's

Health & Physical Education Page

 Get out and be ACTIVE!

Exercise in PE class is NOT enough

Read below

NBC News Article On Required Weekly Exercise


HTS Thriller Dance

performed by 7th Grade PE Class 2012



How To Open Your Combinational Lock:

Students are permitted to bring home their combination locks to practice opening them. Please remember to empty the contents of your locker before you take your combo lock home. Any lost locks must be paid for ($5.00).

 HTS Middle School Phys Ed Course Syllabus 




Activity Units

Fitness Pre-Testing X

Soccer X

Basketball X

Team Handball X

Floor Hockey X

Speedball X

Box Ball 

Volleyball X

Fitness Post-Testing



Small Sided Games

Games of Low Organization


Things to know for PE for the 2017-2018 School Year .....


Kindergarten-5th Grade PE

All students MUST wear sneakers to PE.

Sandles, flip flops, slippers, dress shoes, etc will not be allowed. All students are recommended to wear pants or shorts to class but dresses are acceptable. Jewelry is not to be worn during class. Newly pierced earings are permitted to be worn but must be covered with tape. 


6th-8th Grade PE

All students will be required to CHANGE clothing for PE class starting in 6th Grade. All students will be issued a combination lock and a locker to store gym clothing and foot apparel. All personal belongings must be stored and locked in lockers at all times. Any items lost or stolen are not the responsibility of the Health/PE department. Please keep all items safely locked in your lockers.

All students are to wear sneakers for PE and it is recommended for each student to keep a long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt in their locker for outdoor activities during late fall and early spring. Please use roll-on deodorants, no spray bottles.

The combo lock is the responsibility of the student and that lock must be returned to the Health/PE department at the end of the year. Any lost or broken locks must be replaced at the cost of the parent(s) for $5.00.


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