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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Holland Township School
Mr. Schedlbauer
Health & Physical Education/Athletic Director


Welcome to the

Holland Warrior Lacrosse page!


Game Schedule

April 9th- AWAY

April 17th-HOME

April 19th- HOME

April 24th- HOME

April 26th- HOME

May 1st- Terrier Cup #

May 3rd- AWAY

May 8th- HOME

May 11th- AWAY

#-at neutral site


If you would like a personal copy of the schedule with game locations, please contact Coach Nugent at



2016 Terrier Cup Champs!!!


Off-season? There is no "off-season".

#GetAtIt #HollandLax2018


Frequently Asked Questions ...

1) Do you need to have previous lacrosse playing experience?

Answer: No. We receive brand new players to the sport at virtually every level every year from Kindergarten to High School seniors. It is never too late to learn to play and love this great sport.


2) What is this sport called 'lacrosse'? I've never heard of it.

Answer: Originally referred to as 'Baggataway" is understood to have originated as early as 1100 AD as a ritual 'war game' by the Iroquois Nation, the indigenous people of modern day upstate New York to give thanks to their Creator. Jesuit missionaries in Canada during the 16th century witnessed the game being played by the Iroquois and modified and 'civilized' the game into the sport we now refer to as 'Lacrosse'.


3) What equipment is required to play lacrosse?

Answer: Since Holland Lacrosse will be played by "Boys Rules", equipment required will be a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, and a lacrosse stick. (See documents at bottom of FAQ's)


4) Will the school be providing any of this equipment?

If not, what is the best way to get it?

Answer: No, the school will not be providing equipment to prospective players BUT that does not preclude students from coming out for the team. The best way to get equipment for school lacrosse is to register and play for our local youth lacrosse/high school feeder program, Del Val Junior Lacrosse. The DVJL program will provide you with all equipment you will need except for a stick and you will get to be part of a regional lacrosse program with excellent instruction. We will try our best to find equipment for players who will not be playing for the Chargers but the only way to guarantee being fully outfitted at the cheapest cost is to play for Del Val Junior Lacrosse.


5) If registered to play for Del Val Junior Lacrosse, will there be any scheduling conflicts between both programs and is that too large of a commitment?

Answer: No and No again. Del Val Junior Lacrosse scheduling coordinators and the Holland athletic director work together to align games and practices so that both do not occur on the same day. There may be exceptions from time to time due to game rescheduling but both entities work in cooperation, not competition with one another to enhance the lacrosse experience of each player.


6) Sounds like a great idea. When is registration open for Del Val Junior Lacrosse???

Answer: NOW! Early bird registration opened on November 15th and will remain open until December 15th. You can save $25 on registration if you register before that deadline. Please log onto for more information. In-person registration is December 10th at Alexandria Park barn.


7) When does the Holland Lacrosse season start and end?

Answer: Practice is slated to start in approximately mid-March and the season will end in approximately mid-May. We will have definitive dates once a date has been determined for the Terrier Cup (night game between Holland and Alexandria).


8) What type of athlete plays lacrosse? Does it translate directly to particular sports and not others?

Answer: The beauty of lacrosse is that virtually ANYONE can play lacrosse. Lacrosse is the most versatile sport in the world and can accomodate various types of athleticism. Our high school program has sent off players to compete in college who played a wide range of sports in high school including football, soccer, cross country, basketball, wrestling, etc. Lacrosse is an athletically inclusive game.


9) Who is going to be the coach?

Answer: Our first ever head coach will be Mr. Michael Nugent. Coach Nugent played lacrosse for Columbia High School ('84) and went on to play college lacrosse at Montclair State ('88). Coach Nugent has been a lacrosse official for over 15 years and has served as a youth coach for the Del Val Chargers at every age level since 2002. Coach Nugent, as Detective Sergeant in the Hunterdon County Prosecutors Office, spearheaded our Internet/Social Media Safety program at Holland Township School and is an annual speaker.


Important Lacrosse Information for Prospective Players and Families




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