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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Speth
Special Education Teacher
Room #158
ext 6424

100 High Frequency Words

Many sight words cannot be "sounded out" and they need to be learned by "sight".  This is a list of high frequency sight words.  You can use many activities with your child to help them learn these words.  Here are just a few ideas.


Have your child write these words in sand.  

Have your child write these words with paint, glitter glue, playdoh, dried macarooni.

Jump, hop, clap, tap out the letters of the sight words

Play memory match game with the list

Create flashcards with your child and drill them each night

Play sight word bingo




the     to     and     he     a     I     you     it     of      in     was     said     his    

that     she     for     on     they     but     had     at     him     with     up     all    

look     is     her     there     some     out     as     be     have     go     we     am  

then     litttle     down     do     can     could     when     did     what     so     see

not     were     get     them     like     one     this     my     would     me     will    

yes     big    went     are    come     if     now     long     no     came     ask    

very     an     over     your     its     ride     into     just     blue     red   

from     good     any     about     around     want     don't     how     know     right

put     too     got     take     where     every     pretty

jump     green     four

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