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Monday, February 18, 2019
Holland Township School
Mrs. Tainow
8th Grade Mathematics Teacher

General Information

Welcome to Mrs. Tainow's website!

All homework, IXL assignments, and upcoming assessments will be posted on Google Classroom. Students have full access to their classroom page and parents will receive daily email summaries once they opt-in via the email invitation. If you are having any trouble please email me! 



Summer Work 2017

All incoming 8th graders will have IXL topics to complete from 8th grade.  All the topics being assigned have to do with rational numbers and have been taught this school year.  Students should NOT use a calculator for this assignment. There will be a No Calculator Test in September so in order to be best prepared they should practice the topics over the summer without a calculator. There are 10 topics to do over the summer – I would recommend going in order and doing 1 per week versus doing them all at once.  They are meant to be a review and a way to keep students’ skills sharp.  A strong foundation of rational numbers is essential for 8th grade math.  Here is the list of topics:

B.3 Absolute value and opposite integers

B.5 Integer inequalities with absolute values

C.3 Add and subtract integers

C.4 Add and subtract three or more integers

C.7 Multiply and divide integers

C.8 Evaluate numeric expressions involving integers

D.1 Write fractions in lowest terms

D.2 Least common denominator

D.7 Compare rational numbers

D.8 Put rational numbers in order

 You do not need to get all scores to 100!  Topics will be scored out of 90.

So a 90 in IXL is a 90/90 which equals a 100%, an 80/90 = 89%, a 70/90 = 78%, etc.

Anything over the required scores will count as extra credit.

This assignment is due on the first day of school and will be your first graded assignment. The TEST will be within the first week of school and will be the first test grade of the marking period.

Let’s start the year off on a good foot!



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