Middle School Summer Reading Suggestions

    From Mrs. Huber, Mrs. Burke, and Mrs. Zdepski 

    While we are not requiring a summer reading assignment for the middle school, we would like to offer some suggestions for encouraging your child to read over the summer. Avoiding “summer slide” is as easy as regular reading during the summer. The term “summer slide” refers to a child’s regression of reading skills. The best way to avoid losing reading skills is easy- read every day!


    Today, children have a plethora of choices for reading such as: books, ebooks, audio books, magazines, comic books, and graphic novels. Allowing your child to choose the type of reading will create more interest for them and foster a love of reading.


    If you are planning a vacation, have them read about the location of your vacation prior to going. Or, if you are planning a day trip to an art museum, for example, have them research some of the artists on exhibit. The possibilities are endless, and the more they are involved, the less likely they are to resist.

     Have a wonderful summer, and remember to read.