Message to Parents

                      In these unprecedented times, I want to assure you that we will continue to provide authentic and effective learning experiences for your children.  We are working very hard to restructure our lesson plans for remote learning and will continue to work closely with your children to monitor and guide their learning.  Please refer to your child's google classroom for the specific science assignments as all of the directions, explanations, and communications will be posted there.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or conerns.  






                       We have an exciting year ahead!  This course is aligned with the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).  Students will engage in laboratory and authentic learning experiences that encourage scientific thinking. They will work in cooperative groupings and will be held responsible for their individual requirements.  The focus areas are both physical science and geology.  Students will investigate rocks and minerals, Earth systems, atoms, elements, periodic table, chemical changes, and the transformation of energy.  Students will enhance their learning by the use of technology, and scientific instruments during experiments.

    HMH Science Dimensions is our science program and is designed to make this year of science an exciting one for everyone involved! Each unit contains in-depth lessons that let students explore a variety of concepts related to the topic of study. These units and lessons include projects, hands-on labs, activities, and engineering challenges that provide your student opportunities to step away from their books or computers and actively participate in their learning.

    HMH Science Dimensions will help to build a foundation for how to evaluate evidence, make valid claims, develop reasoning skills, and synthesize information from a variety of sources.


    The units of study this year will include:

    Unit 1: Weather and Climate

    Unit 2: Evidence of Common Ancestry

    Unit 3: Earth Systems

    Unit 4: Stability and Change on Earth

    Unit 5: Structure and Properties of Matter

    Unit 6: Interactions of Matter

    Unit 7: Chemical Reactions

    Unit 8: Thermal Energy



                            All students are required to be responsible for all aspects of their learning experience.  This will include coming prepared to class, completing assignments with maximum effort, turning homework in on time, asking for clarification when needed, and getting work for their absences. 



    Homework:   Assignments will be given on each Monday and will be due on Fridays    5 to 15 points per week

    Projects:       There will be one to two project per marking period worth either a quiz or test grade

    Labs:            Labs will vary in points. 

    Quizzes:       There will be two to four quizzes per marking period worth 100 points each

    Tests:           There will be two to three tests per marking period worth DOUBLE a quiz grade.    


                            Please remember that you are leaders of the school this year, and will be treated as such.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Working together, we will ensure that your 8th grade year will be successful and fulfilling!