• 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher


     Welcome to 7th Grade Math!!!!


     Please see Mrs. Kane during morning advisory if you have questions or would like to extra support in math.


    IXL Assignments for Summer 2019

    Please NOTE IXL has made changes to the assignment numbers in the past.  Please check that the topic is correct because the number might be different then it was at the end of the year.


     6th grade to Accelerated 7th grade

    C.3 Add and subtract integers 90%

    C.7 Multiply and divide integers 90%

    C.9 Evaluate Numerical expressions involving integers  90%

    H.1 Convert Decimal, fractions, and mixed numbers  80%

    L.2 Convert percents, fractions, and decimals  90%

    T.1 Solutions to inequalities  90%

    CC.1 Calculate mean, median, and mode  90%

    CC.2 Interpret charts to find mean, median, and mode  80%