• Hi All
    We are still adapting to the new schedules, and in particular, how best to optimize them for the arts area teachers.  We have been able to find more time in my schedule where 4th -8th Grade students can get lessons as well as extra help.  Adding extra lesson times each day also enables us to have smaller lesson groups than we had in MP1,  so students will be able to get much more individualized instruction.  With that in mind,  please throw out the old lesson schedules that you had,  and use these new schedules that I am including in the email.  I will also be handing out hard copies to the students when we return from the long weekend.  It looks like the best way to do the schedules will be to align them with the marking period changes.
    4th Grade Lesson Schedules can be found here:
    5th - 8th Grade Lesson Schedules can be found here:
    There will also be more time during the day where students can come in if they miss a lesson, want to learn a new instrument, compose music on the iMacs  or just need extra help.  
    For 6th-8th Grade, I will be available Day 2,3,4 during lunch
    For 5th Grade,  I will be available Day 1,3,5 during recess
    For 3rd and 4th Grade,  I will be available Day 2,3,4 during recess
    Our 7:15 AM before school rehearsals for 5th-8th Grade band students will be staying the same (Tues&Thurs Jazz Band, Wed&Fri Concert Band).  Thanks to all of you who have been driving the students to school early in the AM.  I know that it is earlier than last year,  but it makes such a difference for the students.
    General News
    3rd Grade: All students should be bringing their  pennywhistles and books with them to school each day that they have music class (Vocke Day 1, Conti Day 2, Wilt Day 3).  Most classes are working on Hot Cross Buns,  though some have gone ahead to Mary Had a Little Lamb
    4th Grade:  Students should be warming up playing the notes on pages 4-5 in EE2000.  We are working on Hot Cross Buns, Rolling Along,  Split Decision and Jingle Bells in rehearsals and lessons.
    5th - 8th Grade:
    The Tree Lighting at the Firehouse will be the night of  Sunday December 15th this year.  (Exact time TBA)
    I would also like to thank everyone for being flexible as we continue to adapt to the changes going on here at HTS.  The goal is always to optimize the learning experience for the students as best we can.

    Kevin Kuchinsky