• The Holland Township Education Foundation (S.E.E.D.) is an independent, not-for-profit organization comprised of HollandTownship parents and community members. S.E.E.D. was organized in order to provide educational opportunities to the children of HollandTownshipSchool above and beyond what the school budget can cover. The Foundation’s primary mission is to fund special projects/ equipment grants etc. to teachers for use in their classrooms. All grants supplement and enhance the core curriculum. It is important to note most of these educational programs could not otherwise be funded through traditional district budget.From the sciences to the arts, language arts to music, peer support to cultural diversity, S.E.E.D. has provided funding for countless educational endeavours!

    Examples of grants supported include: the 1st grade Dino Dig, the Enrichment program’s Rain Barrel Workshop, the enrichment programs that created the Solar Trough and Farm Alarm located in HollandTownship and the Garden Stone Wall located in the garden of HollandTownship School. S.E.E.D. helped fund the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge program/visit from Loren Spiotta-DiMare, author of Broke Leg Bear, and provided funding for the Technology Student Association State Conference, and the Raritan River Music Assembly.

    Ongoing programs currently sponsored by S.E.E.D. include the Kindergarten project Gone Hog Wild, the CROW Reading Backpack Program and our school’s own vegetable garden! Throughout the years S.E.E.D. has also supported the financial requirements for countless after school clubs and events.

    In order to offer the same level of educational success we’ve come to expect at Holland Township School, S.E.E.D. rests fundamentally upon the generosity of our school community to support initiatives to help achieve this high level of excellence.

     Parent Participation is critical to the success of S.E.E.D.!

    • Join S.E.E.D. We are always looking for new people dedicated to our children and our school.
    • Volunteer to help at our fundraising events.
    • Donate money! Donations are ALWAYS welcome and tax deductible.

    The Holland Township Education Foundation (S.E.E.D.) sincerely thanks its members, volunteers and donors for their generous support of our school, our teachers mainly our children! If you would like more information about S.E.E.D., would like to help with an event or make a donation, please contact Robin Smith, Lori Russo or Megan Scacci directly or through our email address. Thanks for helping us help your children!