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Mrs. Conti's Class Newsletter

4th Grade 02/05/2018 - 02/09/2018
What's Happening


Monday- Spelling -Story to write at home on Unit 19 words


Tuesday- Math/Write your spelling story/Read “See How They Run” on Connected



Wednesday-½ day Bring a “Snunch”Math/Write your spelling story



Thursday- Story due tomorrow and it will be read aloud to class!


Friday- No-Homework/ We will write our Kids Class Newsletter in the morning.

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Classroom Notes



Mrs. Conti’s Newsletter


Fourth Grade


February 5-9, 2018


Monday- Spelling -Story to write at home on Unit 19 words


Dr. Loew will be coming in to talk to the fourth grade students about Dental Hygiene Awareness Month.  It will be the afternoon from 1-1:30.


meet dr darren loew


Dr. Loew feels that orthodontics is the greatest profession on earth. It allows him to have a unique relationship with children at a very important time in their lives. It also enables him to help adults achieve better oral health and often do something they have always wanted but could not afford to do previously: show off a beautiful smile!


Dr. Loew attended Bucknell University where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, and his orthodontic residency was completed at Children’s Hospital.


Tuesday- Math/Write your spelling story/Read “See How They Run” on Connected


We will be making a slide show powerpoint on our story this week which is about government.  Why do we need government?  And what is their role as a citizen?  The leveled reader this week will be, “A Day in the Senate.”


Wednesday-½ day Bring a “Snunch”Math/Write your spelling story


Since it is a short day, we will get our Valentine’s day bingo board ready for next week.


Thursday- Story due tomorrow and it will be read aloud to class!


The kids are enjoying our Geography lessons and are working on learning the 50 states song.  If they can sing it to me and/or to the class, they will get 100% on a Social Studies test.  It can be for anytime during this third marking period.


Friday-Enjoy the weekend! No Homework!


Our Shooting Stars Assembly is today before lunch.  The children will be receiving awards for their AR points, Homework, Attendance and many others.  




Marking period ended on January 29th and report cards go home February 12th.


Send in your Valentine’s Day cards before next Wednesday. The children made a card holder and will exchange cards and enjoy treats sent in by our parents!  


Thank you!



Mrs. Conti’s Kids Class Newsletter

February 2, 2018


This week was outstanding, the class is now learning about the 50 states.  We learned a song as well. It is so much fun to sing.  We are also doing Penelope Peabody and we get clues every day and we have to find out what state she is in. The first one was New Jersey and we are now working on the second one.  Marlena


This week on Thursday I had band.  Norbie would've too but he forgot his instrument. So me and Mr.K played together on Old MacDonald Had A Band. I think that was what the song was called. Mr.K was playing the Flute while I was playing the Saxophone. It was a lot of fun playing with Mr.K but it's also fun when Norbie’s there. That's what I did in band this week.

By Madilyn Fleming


This week was terrific! We decorated Valentine’s Day bags. On the board where we hung our bags it says, “You've stolen a pizza my heart.”  On our bags there is a pizza and we decorated it however we wanted. I made my pizza have a smiley face and the eyes are hearts that pop out. Everyone's pizza was awesome. That is what we did this week.

                                                     Melanie :0 :)


This week was phenomenal!

We started social studies. I absolutely love it! I love learning the capitals and where everything is at. Like for example, Madision is the capital of Wisconsin and Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and Austin is capital of Texas. We are also doing Penelope Peabody. You get a clue and you have to guess what state she is in. The last one was New Jersey and I got it right. This clue said something about Baltimore, so automatically I thought Maryland  because Baltimore is in Maryland. It also said it was near Washington DC. I put my guess in as Maryland. I hope I’m right. I like social studies much better than science to be honest. I am really excited to learn more!

This week was outstanding!

Maggie :D


This week we had to make a Valentines bag that said, “you’ve stolen a pizza of my heart.” With a pizza paper but it was a paper pizza, ha get it pizza paper. what I put on the pizza was I’m a single pringle with a pringle with a broken heart I really liked it, this week was amazing


For Valentine’s Day we made valentine bag with a pizza on it. It has pepperoni hearts. it’s says “you’ve stolen a pizza my heart.”

Owen Hatch


In class we made a Valentine's Day bag. It was a pizza. We had to color it and place it on the bag.  I liked the project. I really had fun.         Dylan

In Wednesday we did something called Penelope Peabody in Social Studies. Mrs. Conti read a paper that we had to guess where she was.The first one we did was New Jersey which I got wrong. I hope I get the next one right.

                                                            By Manuela


This week my class started long Division. It is sort of hard. We use a bookmark that says, “Does McDonalds Sell Burgers?”  The Does stands for Divide, the McDonalds stands for Multiply and  the Sell stands for Subtract and the Burgers stands for bring down. Then you start at the top of the bookmark again. One of the problems were 1227/4 =306 R 3.

Adyson Frace


On Thursday,  the whole class  made Valentine’s day bags and everyone's was so, so, cute  and some people did poems.  One of them was Roses are red Violets are  blue when I think of you I want some stew, that one was mine and Madilyn did a poem and I like her poem and it is  Roses are red Violets are blue and this picture is for you. Tiffany weaver


This year Super bowl LII is going to happen and it's the Patriots vs. the  EAGLES and of course I am rooting for the EAGLES.  I root for the EAGLES because my uncle introduced me to them when I was visiting him when I was 6 and an EAGLES game was on and they won.  My score prediction for the Super bowl is EAGLES 47- Patriots 40. by Norbie     


This week we did long division, it is pretty easy. I like to do it by myself but my mom likes to help me. I really think that long division is kind of fun. We use a piece of paper that says, does mcdonalds sell burgers, it used to not help me at all but now it does because it tells me how to do it in order.  Catherine


This week was awesome . We made Super Bowl jerseys for who we were voting for.  I personally choose the Eagles because I’m sick of the Patriots winning but I don’t like either team.  Most of the class chose the Eagles like me.  That is what we did this week.By Mikey

Every week we have science but instead we do Social Studies. It's probably my best subject in class for me. We are learning about the 50 States of United States of America. Also, we did a play about our Landmarks and climate changes. On our report cards, we get grades, if we want to get a 100% on our Social Studies grade we need to sing a song to the whole class or with Mrs.Conti private. Colin Kramer


This week in art I made my scratch off. And I made a second one.  So far I just did the coloring over the color pencil with a black crayon part. I am going to scratch a fox picture. I will most likely be done next week. This week was extraordinary!

By Christian


This week we made Jerseys to see what team would win for the superbowl.  I chose the Eagles because I don’t like the Patriots because they’ve won every single year.  The kids voted and the Eagles have 14 and only 5 Patriots.  I think I’m going to my neighbors house to watch it.  Matty


This week on friday I read to Mrs.O'Rourke class for mystery reader.  In Mrs. O’Rourke class for the clues everybody guessed me, Tommy was the first to guess me and everybody else guessed me.  I read to them, Bad Dog Marley, it’s an awesome book and it’s really funny.  For a treat I bought brownies in for their class.  They said the brownies were awesome and they tasted so good.  Then that was it and then I came back to my classroom and gave Mrs.Conti one but she didn’t want it and I gave it to Mrs.Butler.  Then it was lunch right after I came back.BY MOSSIMO PECCHIA