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Mrs. Conti's Class Newsletter

4th Grade 05/07/2018 - 05/18/2018
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MAY 14-17-MATH

Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast and a good night’s rest each day. They should have earbuds or headphones that they are comfortable wearing. A special snack from parents will be provided each day.  I will have trident sugarless gum available with different flavors for everyday for them to choose!

We will be testing from 8:30-11am every morning except for Friday. In the afternoon, we will have some extra recess time and work on our immigration journal.


Parents: Test on Immigration will be sometime after May 23rd Simulation.  I’m aiming for Friday, May 25th. Keep studying at home.


Mrs. Conti’s Kids Class Newsletter


April 13, 2018



This week on Thursday we took a math test. I was so scared. I thought I would not get a good grade. At the end of the day we got them back. I got a 90. Adyson Frace


This week we worked on reasons to immigrate. We had to draw what it said in the paper. My favorite one is the first one that the person was walking to the factory. This week I enjoyed it.


Manuela Deleao


This week was amazing!


This Thursday we had our spring concert. We had three practices before we did the real one. The  four songs we played where called Sakura, Whisper, Somewhere over the Rainbow, and the Song for the Children.  I played the chimes to sakura.  I had so much fun at the concert and I think I did really well. By Ava Jordan

This week was superb!


We had our spring concert on Thursday night. It was really fun. I got a chime solo. I had the chimes in 1st grade 2nd grade and 4th grade. I got E5. I was kind of nervous. The song I was in was Sakura. It was a Japanese spring song. I liked it. The other songs were, Whisper, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Song for the Children. My little sister, my big sister, my mom and my dad were there.


This week was phenomenal!




This week I had a chime solo in a concert. I was a little scared. But I go to church and I am in the choir and I did good.This week was good. Owen Hatch


This week we had a concert at school. I was a little scared because my parents were in the front row and I thought for a minute I would fall off the stage and the stage was like bowling pins. My favorite song is Whisper. Also in the end, it was pretty good. Anthony Turkowsky


This week I got a solo for the concert. The concert was on Thursday, I was really scared at the beginning. But at the end, I wasn’t. I think everyone did really good.   Camryn


This week we had a math test. It was a little hard but I finished it. I am happy about my test because I thought I would not do good but I did. It felt like an hour until I finished it, but I do not think that it was an hour.   Catherine


This week we had a concert for music, we sang three or four songs. We Somewhere over the rainbow Sakura Song for the children and Whisper. I had a lot of fun. I did not get a solo but the people who did, did an amazing job. Christian Shebchuk


This week we did reasons to immigrate booklet on the cover. I drew a lot of flags on the front and I think my favorite excluding the U.S map is probably the swedish flag. What I liked about it was the design.  That's what we did this week.


By Norbie


This week we had a math test, it was amazing.  I love when we have math tests. Math is my favorite subject.  This was one of the easier tests. I got a 103%, yay.


By Mossimo Pecchia


In class we made a book about Immigrate. We had to cut words out and glue them on. Then I had to draw a picture. I had so much fun.  Dylan


On Wednesday we all had a math test. I thought I would get a bad score but I got a good one. I got 103% on my test. Some of the problems were difficult. Colin Kramer


This week on Tuesday, we started Reasons to Immigrate, this is a really fun project, but I'm not quite finished with it. I still have to color most of it. When your coloring you have to color the whole page unless your drawing something that's supposed to be white, like the American flag, the white stripes. That was my week on Tuesday.


By Madilyn Fleming :]


This week we had a Math Test and I got a 92% on it. The Math Test was easy but hard.  When saw it, I was pretty happy. I like math test but I also don’t like math tests. That is what we did in math this week. Matty Tarnoski


I am going to be talking about my concert on Thursday the 12th. On that day, me and my class, and  Mrs. Lazier’s and Mrs. Croasdale’s class were there. All the classes were there and we all sounded so good. Marlena and her friend were so good at the solo. Me and all the others were on the stage but we still sounded so good. My mom, dad, brother, sister, and my uncle came to see me and that was my fun night. Tiffany Weaver


Today we had gym.  In gym we actually went outside for once and everybody freaked out and started yelling and screaming like someone that just won the lottery. It was complete chaos.  Once we got outside we had to run laps and once we did that it was a free for all. I had lots of fun at gym today. That was my favorite part of the week.By Michael Johnson  

This week we had gym and it was the best because in the first time in forever we went outside. I brought my football and I asked the gym teacher if we could play football and she said yes. I was so happy because its my favorite sport. The teams were Finn, Ant, Estabon and I vs Zach, Moss, Tristan and Jacob. I was QB and I threw some really good passes. It ended up to be 35 to 35.


Rylan Bush


This week was the best week yet I had a solo in my concert,the song was called, ‘’Somewhere over the rainbow.’’  I was so nervous. When I was done and the concert was over my little sister was hugging my leg and I could not move. Fourth grade did an outstanding job.  Marlena Vastola


This week was awesome! We had our Spring Concert. We sang four songs, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Whisper, Sakura, and the Song for the Children. Marlena had a solo for Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She sang Amazing. The concert was so fun and everyone did great. That was my week.