Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

  • Social Studies will take a different direction this year as we embark on project based learning where the students are taking charge. I have spent a tremendous amount of time designing an innovative learning environment that will engage students, build greater responsibility in the classroom, use technology to aid learning, and raise academic rigor.

    Students will start each unit with an authentic, open ended problem that presents a context for learning. The problem-based task is given up front to build a felt need for learning.  Next, the analytic rubric is used to guide instruction, not merely to assess a final project. In my classroom, not all students are doing the same thing at the same time. Students will plan how they will use their time, thus maximizing classroom resources and building the kinds of project-management skills needed in twenty-first century society. Designing units so that students are learning from a felt need will increase the probability that they will engage in learning, master content, and retain it throughout their lives.


    This year students will study:


    • Leadership & Stress Management
    • Appreciating Democracy
    • Industrial Revolution
    • Financial Literacy & Career Education
    • Reform Movements
    • Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Tolerance/Holocaust


  • Students will use the online textbook below. 

    Click image to access online textbook or click this link www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

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    Password: Liberty57