Basketball Hoop

7th grade “Buckets for Buckets” Service Learning Event

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Each student in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will have the opportunity to shoot three baskets for every dollar they donate through the 7th grade “Buckets for Buckets” Service Learning Event.

In the previous six events, the seventh grade has been able to raise over $12,100 to purchase mosquito prevention nets, a water harvesting system, latrines, and classroom supplies near Kampala, Uganda. In addition, well drilling was done last year in South Sudan with the money from Holland School.

Be ready in the middle school gym on your grade level day.

Tuesday, May 9– 5th Grade

Wednesday, May 10– 6th Grade

Thursday, May 11– 8th Grade

Friday, May 12– 7th Grade

More information is available here: Buckets for Buckets Service Learning Project