April Superintendent’s Message

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April has arrived. I felt I had to wait a few days into the month to write that since March was unwilling to let go this year.


The weather, of course caused a degree of havoc and that was reflected in the school calendar, with less than a week to, spring vacation we exceeded our allotted inclement weather days and this created its own issues. Should we hold to taking days off of Spring Break or as we are ending the school year on a Tuesday, should we opt to add two days at the end. This led to a lot of conversation and communication, including, from two parents, one, of course, on each side of the issue. As you know we chose to allow parents and staff to continue with their plans and add the days at the end. This saved us from having to mark students absent, who would have been away and for docking staff salaries for the same reason.  As I look back at it I think we could have more effectively communicated this to you.


We had a similar issue with students who chose to participate in the National School Walkout Day in March. Our decision was to not make an issue of it and to see what happened. The only steps taken by Administration were to ensure that, if any students took part, staff would escort them to a safe place on campus. We did learn that we should have let you know in advance that we were ensuring everyone’s safety while not inhibiting our young people’s right to free expression, when carried out in a positive manner.  I sincerely apologize for that. Of course, there were a couple of parents who objected to our allowing the students to go out at all. If you have heard anything about this in the community please be assured that there was no discussion of gun possession. This was quite simply, student’s expressing their concern, sympathy and sorrow over the deaths in Florida. I would hope we would be proud of the students who chose to participate, as well as those who chose not to do so.


On a high note we did present a preliminary Budget for the 2018-2019 year to the Board and I hope you will come out to the Public Hearing on the Budget at our April 24th meeting. A good deal of work by the staff and the Board’s Finance Committee went into creating a Budget that meets the needs of the children of our community, while respecting our obligation to the community for fiscal responsibility.


Some of you who attended school here in the past remember the Television studio that once existed. I am excited to report that we are resurrecting that program and our students in Middle School will be getting both behind the camera and in front of the camera experiences. Also in the positive news department I have been continuously impressed by our gifted program and the activities I have seen first hand over the last several weeks.


Well, we have successfully navigated March and with the coming of April (and unfortunately Test season) we move into the final push of another school year.


The sun was warm but the wind was chill.

You know how it is with an April day.

Robert Frost