Contact the BOE

How to Contact the Board of Education:

Please note that Board members believe that concerns can often best be solved at the level or with the people most closely involved with the concern. Our protocol and advice is to talk first with your child’s teacher, then principal, and then the Superintendent. Should the Superintendent be unable to resolve a problem, and it involves district policy, school board meetings and agenda items, the budget, or requests for specific courses or programs, the Board of Education is the final step in the process. Please remember that all personnel items should be referred directly to the school administration.

Contacting the Board Formally:

You may contact the Board by sending a letter, sending an email, or by attending a Board Meeting. Any letter or email received will be forwarded to the Board President and Vice President and shared with the entire Board. Board members will respond to your email within 5 business days. The mailing address and email addresses are below. If you would like to attend a Board meeting the meeting dates are on this website.

Contacting the Board Informally:

Members of the Board live in your community. Please feel free to discuss Board related items informally at sporting events or other times you see Board members in person.

Board Members
Email Address
Lorraine Scheibener – President
Timothy McGuire
Matthew Walker
Westley Hackmann
Matthew Davis
Laurie Hance
Joseph Somers
Caitlin Witucki
James Muller

Via Mail:

Holland Township Board of Education
710 Milford-Warren Glen Rd.
Milford, NJ 08848