Holland Township Eco-School Day

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We aim to be a sustainable school that thrives on responsibility and care that impact us and the Earth. Please show your support for being Earth conscious in your actions and choices by wearing BLUE and GREEN on this half day of school!

Students in the elementary are asked to pack a sustainable lunch and also bring their reusable water bottle to school.  Our 3rd grade Sustainable Squad team will be auditing how many students have reusable water bottles and how many students pack sustainable lunches on this day.

These students will look at the information they collect and any class where 100% of students use a reusable water bottle along with being the closest to having 100% sustainable packed lunches on this day will be recognized with a zero-waste ice cream party!

May 16th-20th all K-4 students will learn what a sustainable lunch looks like and why water, our important natural resource, should be used smartly.