Jr. Solar Sprint Winners

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“Here Come’s the Sun” was the song that came to mind on Friday, May 15th.

Five teams of students from Holland Township school’s 6th and 8th grade G&T classes participated in a Jr. Solar Sprint Competition and won 4 awards. See below

In addition to the speed competition, entries are evaluated by a panel of judges in the categories of Engineering, Craftsmanship, Best Use of Recycled Materials and Documentation Portfolio. Team scores are totaled and winners are revealed at an awards presentation at the conclusion of the race. Division winners will advance to the Inter-County Final race on May 28 at Ridgedale Middle School, Florham Park.

The Jr. Solar Sprint has proved a tangible endorsement for environmental education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

Making science come alive and fun is how one middle school student describes Junior Solar Sprints. “It’s more than crossing the finish line.  It’s our team working together, building our model car and then competing against other schools on race day. It’s awesome,” she shared.

photo 4

Solar Surfer: Designed by 8th graders, Maggie Erwin, Chloe VanDuyne, Trinity Perini, and Andrea Pederson.     1st place for their Documentation Portfolio  and  3rd place creativity.

photo 3

Solar Stroller: Designed by 8th gr. Mike Coppola , won 1st place for engineering.

photo 2

Snowy Stallions: Designed by Sami Ruby, Clare Erwin, and Skye Bundt,  made the semi-finals for speed, which allows them to advance to the tri-county competition.

The students will be busy tweaking the cars for the big race day

photo 1
They will all move to finals on May 28, in the Tri-county competition