Mission Statement

Holland Township School Mission Statement

Holland Township School Logo Mission Statement
Holland Township School, a hub in a developing rural community, is committed to providing the strongest educational foundation on which our children at all grade levels can achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and build a successful and productive future. Through diverse, intellectual, cultural, and social learning experiences, each child will be challenged to reach his or her fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

Belief Statements
We believe the role of the parent is:
To provide a safe, loving environment
To promote a sense of confidence, well-being, healthy self-esteem, and values
To honor your child with time and self

We believe the role of the community is:
To support the school with financial and human resources

We believe a good education:
Provides a basis for children to become productive members of society
Instills confidence to meet challenges
Starts at home
Creates life-long learners and informed and productive citizens
Is the basis for the future

We believe the essential components of an excellent education are to:
Recognize individual differences
Encourage critical thinking
Promote the retention and application of knowledge
Motivate all children to be enthusiastic learners
Collaborate with home, school, and community

We believe our children learn best when:
Supported in a positive, nurturing school and home environment where they feel safe, secure, and physically comfortable
They are challenged to reach their fullest potential and are recognized along the way
They have highly-qualified, dedicated teachers to guide them in the exploration of content with innovative programs and a variety of resources