Dr. Nancy Yard, Principal



Dear Holland Township Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

It is with a great deal of pride that I welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you for your commitment and involvement in the educational success of our students. Holland Township is a Pre-kindergarten through grade 8 school serving approximately 550 students. We are one of five districts that promote our students to Delaware Valley High School to complete their secondary education. Ongoing articulation with the high school and all its sending districts is valued to ensure that our students are well prepared for high school.

Holland Township School promotes academic excellence through the alignment of curriculum and materials with the New Jersey Literacy Standards. Curriculum committees meet to discuss research-based practices, assessments and student achievement. Through the integration of curriculum units, students experience continuous learning across disciplines. Our reading program uses a balanced literacy approach. Formal instruction in math includes problem solving and computation with students at the middle level having the opportunity to complete Algebra I. Students in grades K-2 are introduced to Spanish through songs, games and stories. Our students begin formal Spanish in third grade and all students in grade eight complete Spanish I.

Technology is a component of the daily instructional program. The district houses two computer laboratories as well as controlled internet access in every classroom. Students are engaged in educational research in their classrooms through the use of laptop computers, iPads, and other portable learning devices. Classroom teachers utilize SmartBoards to create meaningful, interactive lessons. Students in grades 4-8 use Chomebooks daily as part of our 1:1 implementation. Our students are able to expand their learning beyond the classroom by collaborating with students from other districts and across the globe by utilizing online communication tools.

The Holland Township School community recognizes the arts as being essential to the development of the whole student. Encore programs include physical education, art, Academic and Creative Enrichment (ACE), instrumental and vocal music and library media. Co curricular activities include Drama, Robotics, Science Club, Student Council and Helping Hands as well as a full range of athletics.

We are proud of our commitment toward reaching and positively influencing all students. We offer a continuum of Special Education services, programs for at-risk students, a gifted and talented and school-wide enrichment program. Professional learning communities, team meetings, and in-service days provide the opportunity for our faculty to engage in a continuous cycle of learning. Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and Source for Excellence in Educational Development (S.E.E.D.) continue to provide our district with many additional services that directly impact our students.

We believe it is the mutual goal of the home and school to collaborate together to help our students understand their role as members of the school community. Our character education program encourages all students to be respectful, persistent, safe and responsible. Parents can help their children by sharing their expectations in regards to attitude, behavior and academic achievement for the school year. Parent-Teacher and Student Led Conferences are held in the fall. Please be aware that if concerns arise at any time, you may contact your child’s teacher or a school counselor by calling the Main Office at 908-995-2401.

I invite you to be an active member of our learning community. Together we can build a strong educational foundation for every student. Thank you for utilzing the district webpage to learn more about our district and discover the many events our students are participating in. Our Virtual Backpack is updated weekly and provides easy online access to timely information.

Dr. Nancy Yard