Public Resolution Regarding the Del Val Calendar

HTSD BOE, School News

The following resolution was adopted at the public board meeting of May 22, 2018 and forwarded to the Delaware Valley High School Superintendent as well as the Holland Township High School Board Representatives:
RESOLVED that upon the recommendation of the Superintendent the Holland Township Board of Education approves the following resolution:
The Holland Township Board of Education values the long standing relationship between the sending districts of the area and Delaware Valley as the current High School District.
The Holland Township Board sadly acknowledges a breakdown in that long history of common planning with the unilateral adoption by the High School of a 2018-2019 calendar without regard to the opinions of the districts that make up the High School and constitute the membership of the High School.
The Holland Township Board is also concerned that the High School has determined to repeat the 2018-2019 calendar for an undetermined length of time.
The Holland Township Board is also concerned that the situation encountered this year with such an early spring recess will be repeated in coming years leading to students with unexcused absences and staff being penalized by loss of pay. Additionally we are concerned about 8th grade graduation.
The Holland Township Board of Education for the above reasons and for maintaining in general the past cooperative history encourages the High School to engage in a dialogue with the sending districts that are the constituent basis for the High School district and further encourage the High School to return to an attitude of cooperative planning.